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Yamaha Performance Upgrades
4 Stroke Oil Change
Winterize 4-Stroke 
While you're out on the water you want the peace of mind that knowing your ski will run as it was meant to. Our Spring Service package includes: Removing and disposing of shrink wrap if applicable, Charging and installing battery, Providing a full visual and physical inspection of the machine, Running the engine to get all winterizing fluid out, Installing fresh spark plugs, Then greasing where appropriate and spraying down engine.  

$105.00 (Plus the cost of spark plugs)
Performance tuning, Riva Racing upgrade kits, air intake and exhaust upgrades
Keeping fresh oil in your 4-Stroke PWC's engine is a key component to servicing and maintaining your machine. We always recommend pairing your winterize service with an oil change. The last thing you want is dirty and sludgy oil sitting in your engine for an extended period of non use. Clean oil leaves nothing to collect inside your engine. OEM filter and oil included. Manufacturers recommend every 12 months.

$150.00 (discounted to $135.00 with winter or spring service)
As much as we would all love to be in Florida with temperatures that never even come close to freezing... We don't!
Here on the northeast coast we get tempuratures well below the freezing mark. Which means bad news for your watercooled PWC engine. The proper steps and precautions must be taken to ensure that when you open the ski up after the winter season, it will be in the same shape as when you got it covered! 

Our Winterizing Service includes: Treating fuel tank with our mix of Sta-Bil and Ethanol Treatments, Running engine of flush with Salt-Away,  Flushing engine with Non-Toxic Antifreeze, Applying Fogging oil to the cylinders, Applying spray lubricant to all control cables, electrical connections, engine, and jet pump, Disconnect battery (remove if shrink wrapped)

$120.00 until November 30th
$130.00 December 1st - December 31st

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us at 732-606-1163. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Shrink Wrap
Single jet ski $105.00  
Double trailer $175.00
Double trailer (skis wrapped individually) $300.00

PWC Winter Storage 
Winter Storage includes: Winterization, Shrink Wrap, and Storage of PWC until Memorial Day.
After Memorial Day there will be additional storage fees of $10 per day until picked up.
Rack Storage Package $499.00
Single Trailer $549.00
Double Trailer $1100.00
Double Trailer (skis wrapped individually) $1175.00